For Operating Engineers

        "I was going to be $300 over budget today, but then I..."
[and he named three HVAC systems he was able to shut off.]
nd now I'm on target!" said John, the operations engineer at the local high school.

        He was experiencing what BUDGETWORKS could do. BUDGETWORKS set a target and John was doing his best to get his building's energy use down to that level.

        Working with facilities engineers, BUDGETWORKSs can be configured to meet your energy use target -- from achievable yet reasonable, to highly efficient. It's your

       With BUDGETWORKS, inefficiencies are identified almost as soon as they appear.  Budgets flex with conditions. They are sensitive to the time of day, the day of
week, the outside temperature. [For industry, budgets can even can flex with actual manufacturing loads.]

        BUDGETWORKS helps operating engineers to do what is expected of them.
BUDGETWORKS compliance can be included in an operating engineer's goals.

For Building Managers

       BUDGETWORKS began with a problem.

       The facility manager for a large public facility was paying excessive energy bills due to poor operating practices. Yet he had no control over how the operators ran the building.
       "How much energy should this building use?" he asked.

        The answer to that question was a system that came to be known as BUDGETWORKS. BUDGETWORKS included the variables that influenced the answer (i.e. weather, occupancy, and the day of the week).

        By comparing how much energy the building should use with how much energy it actually did use, the manager was able to identify and change improper operations practices.

        BUDGETWORKS is a manager's tool to aid in efficient building operation.

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