Budgetworks is an energy monitoring system developed by McNally Engineers Ltd.

Budgetworks-Energy Module. What makes the Budgetworks-Energy Module unique is its ability to indicate not only how much energy a building is using, but how much energy a building should be using.

Budgetworks-Production Module– is product-focused. It is used in factories to determine how much energy [and other environmental metrics] is used to manufacture products in a multi-step manufacturing environment. Manufacturing clients are interested in reducing their environmental impact. Budgetworks identifies areas of waste and monitors progress.

Budgetworks-Environment Module– is focused on space temperature management and HVAC equipment performance. Using the companion Optimum Start/Stop Control Function, it tracks space use, temperature, and HVAC system operation. Analysis and tuning services are provided to align space temperature and HVAC use with actual (and predicted) occupancy.

Budgetworks-Control Assist Module– It has been observed that the building automation systems in mid-sized and large buildings have two basic problems:

1) They Start and Stop systems using Schedules. and
2) They generally do not use optimum start functions.

In short conventional building automation systems do not manage the building well when the HVAC system is OFF. As a result operating schedules are set for the worst case (turn ON very early; turn OFF very late).

During the cold Midwest winters, building operators are afraid to set temperatures back at night for fear of freeze-ups and the building getting too cold. During cold weather (December, January, and February) many operators run HVAC systems 24/7 with no temperature setback.

The Budgetworks-Control Assist Module addresses these issues by providing ON, OFF, and WARMUP signals. Operating schedules are not used.
Unlike building automation system Schedules, Budgetworks Start/Stop “knows” how to condition spaces for the people who use them.
Unlike building automation system optimum start functions, Budgetworks Optimum Start won’t let your building get too cold–even in very, very cold weather.
The Budgetworks-Control Assist Module is fully contained on-site.

Budgetworks is installed in factories, high schools, elementary schools, municipal buildings, and churches.
Our factory clients are interested in production efficiency and minimizing their environmental footprint.
School clients have challenges with efficiently operating large buildings which have spontaneous, ad hoc room occupancy needs.
Municipal buildings are interested in discovering inefficiencies and reducing them.
Churches also have diverse space use throughout the week.
In all cases, Budgetworks helps identify and eliminate energy waste.

Budgetworks is often used in concert with a retro-commissioning effort in which measures are identified to reduce energy consumption. Budgetworks then tracks the progress toward that target. Progress reports are shown in monetary as well as energy units.



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